Changi Airport Terminal 4 (T4)

T4 is the fifth passenger terminal at Singapore Changi Airport and opened on 31 October 2017. Since then, it has won many accolades both locally and overseas, including Design Of The Year in the President’s Design Award 2017/18, the Universal Design Mark (Platinum) Award by the Building & Construction Authority, and the Singapore Good Design (Platinum) Award by the Design Business Chamber Singapore.

IDAS supplied and installed ASB automatic smoke curtains, on of the most crucial components of the smoke control system. The smoke curtains assisted the designers in segregating the terminal spaces into smoke zones. ASB compact profile makes it easy to assimilate the housing boxes to suit the architect’s aesthetic design intent.
IDAS supplied and installed IFP8 Master Smoke Control Panel to synchronize all the smoke control equipment. Known as the ‘brain’ of the system, the panel processes the detection signals and send out signals to all smoke control equipment for seamless functionality.

Owner Changi Airport Group
Architect SAA Architects
Consultants Ignesis Consultants
Products ASB Smoke Curtains, IFP8 Master Smoke Control Panels
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