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Idas Technology - Company Profile

iDAS Technology mainly focus on four business segments: Architectural Green Solution, HPLED Energy Efficient Lighting System, Solar Energy System and Fire Safety Application. Read more about how we integrate energy efficient and Eco-friendly products for environment sustainability purposes.

High Performance Rainproof Ventilation Louvres

Louvre systems are popular with designers for many applications in industrial and commercial buildings. They can be used to control light entry, provide ventilation whilst maintaining rain defence or simply for aesthetic impact. Read more about how louvre system allows fresh air and light and prevent rain, direct sunlight and sound into a building.

ASB Automatic Smoke Curtains

In the event of fire, smoke will spread out faster than fire and it only require few breaths of smoke inhalation to kill someone. Read more about how smoke curtain system can contain and channel the smoke in controlled manner during fire.

ASB Automatic Fire Curtains

Damages caused by fire can be severe as such that it can affect the entire building structure. Read more about how the activation of fire curtain system can seal off the on fires zones to prevent it spreading to another area and facilitate the fire-fighting operations.

Brakel Ventilation Products

We provide different types of ventilators models to meet all kind of project requirement and we make sure our products meet the local and international standard such as European standard (EN). Read more to find out which model fits your project requirement.

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Idas Service and Maintenance

Maintenance of smoke control system is essential and necessary to make sure the system is functionable during emergency. We provide quarterly and semi quarter servicing service based on customer requirement and 24/7 service in the event of any emergencies. Read more to find out our scope of servicing and maintenance.

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