High Performance Rainproof Ventilation Louvres

Mega Union maintains a world-leading position in the rainproof ventilation louvre market by satisfying a variety of architectural requirements such as decorative and rainproof ventilation uses. Each set of system is specially customised to cater for the special requirements of buildings.

Mega Union’s rainproof ventilation louvres are being deployed in different projects around the world ranging from London to China, whereby each application component entails a unique combination of professional experience and advice from them.

Types of Performance Louvres

The following types of rainproof ventilation louvre systems are available for your architectural needs.

Single bank ventilation louvre – a single layer louvre that provide good ventilation with some rain protection.  read more..

Double bank rainproof ventilation louvre – a double layer louvre that effectively integrates both rainproof and ventilation capabilities. read more

Triple bank stormproof ventilation louvre – a triple layer louvre with a strong performance of rain defence. read more

The HEVAC standard for  “Laboratory Experiments and Grading Levels of Rainproof Ventilation Louvres under Simulated Environmental Conditions” has provided a useful classification method.

iDAStech® solar shading systems are available in many material options, shapes and sizes, fixed or movable.

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