High Power LED Lights

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HPLED Energy Efficient Lightings

Global energy crisis and eco-friendly issues have become more serious than ever. As a result, more green technologies and policies to sustain our green environment are invented and created to cope with the increasing problems. With the SSL (Solid State Lighting) revolution, High Power LED lightings are now made available to provide more energy efficient lighting performance at lower CO2 emissions and better cost-effectiveness.

HPLED Streetlights 100W ~ 250W

Applications: Roads, Highways, Streets, Open Car Parks, Landscapes.
Models: S01151F/150W, S01181F/180W, S01201F/200W, S01251F/250W
HPLED Streetlights 60W ~ 120W
Applications: Roads, Streets, Landscapes, Open Car Parks, Tunnels, Industrial Buildings.
Models: S02600N/60W, S02101N/100W
Projection Lights
HPLED Projection Light 50W ~ 320W

Applications: Playgrounds, Car parks, Airport terminals, Harbours, Stadiums, Industrial
Buildings, Parks, Warehouses, Signages, Theatres, Tennis / Badminton / Basketball Courts etc.
Models: P01500F/50W P01101F/100W P01151F/150W P01201F/200W P01321F/320W
Ceiling Lights
HPLED Ceiling Light 35W
Applications: Residential, Commercial and Industrial Indoor Ceilings.
Models: R02350N/35W
Tunnel Lights
HPLED Tunnel Light 20W ~ 40W

Applications:Tunnels, Streets, Sheltered Car Parks, Walkways.
Models: R01200N/20W, R01400N/40W