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Hotline Helpdesk

When you contact our hotline helpdesk, we will record your incident, assign one of our qualified engineers and allocate you a unique incident reference number with which you can enquire any time about the status of your request. Our hotline helpdesk will contact you as soon as possible to provide further assistance.

Service Call

Situations can occur when our service engineer is
urgently required to attend the source of an error and to fix the problem. In such cases, your needs and demands define our response time commitment in  a service level agreement. IDAS tech service engineers are on-site within the agreed number of hours.


IDAS tech provides regular detailed and comprehensive reports on the status of your installed base and the fulfilment of our contractual obligations. The findings of our report will be discussed during operational meetings at your location.

Spare Parts

Our well-managed spare parts inventory maximises the uptime of your engineered smoke control system and ensures that it continues to operate reliably throughout the life cycle. We provide spare parts for the complete range of systems and equipment.

Service Visit

IDAS tech schedule regular visits according to the requirements of your smoke control systems or equipment, the product quality guidelines, applicable regulations or level of usage. A corrective visit includes troubleshooting, analysis, diagnostics and resolving problems on-site by our service engineers.

Extended Support

For products that have reached the end of their life cycle, IDAS tech offers extended support. Extended support is for clients who need additional time to make the transition to the latest version of our engineered smoke control products.

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Add-On Services

We also provide maintenance of the fire protection systems.

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