PLR1, PLR2 and PHL

In addition to PL1, PL2 and PL3 rainproof ventilation louvres, Mega Union has also designed the following types of rainproof ventilation louvre systems for your architectural requirements.


Chevron Rainproof Ventilation Louvre – This is a type of single-layer general purpose louvre possessing a relatively lower effective ventilation rate and excellent rainproof capability, and is not easily deformed.

Water Penetration

Section of a chevron rainproof ventilation louvres – PLR1


Streamline Rainproof Ventilation Louvre – These louvres are ble to bend to a certain extent without being easily deformed, and possesses the best airflow performance and excellent rainproof capability.

Water Penetration

PLR2 - Water penetration
PLR2 blade section

Section of a streamline rainproof ventilation louvres – PLR2


Horizontal Performance Louvre – This is a type of ventilation louvre that can be horizontally installed onto the roof and possesses high ventilation performance. It is suitable for use in locations require lots of ventilation.

Water Penetration

PHL blade section

Section of a horizontal performance louvres – PHL

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