Service and Maintenance

IDAS Technology has been involved in the Design, Supply and Install of Engineered Smoke Control System for more than 200 projects in Singapore over the last 10 years. We have cover over 120 sites for servicing of this equipment.

Wide Knowledge of products / equipment

We are well versed in the installation, testing, commissioning, service and maintenance of various certified and approved brands of smoke control system such as ASB, Brakel, Colt, Coopers, Esser, Gent, GST, Rosenburg, Connels-Aire, System Aire, etc.

Option for upgrading

With our in-house technical design team and QP, we are able to provide options when you plan any addition and alteration to your building.

Codes of practice

Our familiarity with the Authority requirements also enables us to  provide first hand information about the fire safety compliance of your equipment with respect to latest Code of Practice or Authority standards like PSB, EN Standards and other local standards.

Our experience

Over the years, we have continuously serviced the projects completed by our project team as well as secured new contracts done by other contractors. These buildings include industrial, commercial, airport, educational institutes, hotels, condominium and many more.


At iDAStech®, our commitment to providing exclusive support to clients has led to the creation of a portfolio of maintenance service solutions that are qualified to deliver this support at a level of excellence throughout the life span of the system.

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